Cultural Stonework   For Sale

Based on childhood unexplored dreams of carving things from sandstone near Red Rock Canyon, I ventured into Stonework Art (and I call it this rather than Sculpture, since I have yet to have Sculpture training).  My Stonework Art is carving of softer stone - Soapstone, Pipestone & Alabaster, which gives me a tremendous respect for what our ancient people made from harder stone with only other stone tools, not the metal handtools I use.  My art is inspired  by discovered ancient Caddo lithic (stone) artifacts, with most found at Spiro Mounds.  On some of my Stonework I have engraved ancient Caddo pottery designs or designs found on shell & other artifacts at Spiro Mounds.  Shown are my inspired creations representing ancient Monolithic Axes, Ceremonial Maces, Chunkey Stones, Batons and Bannerstones.

© 2017 A. Wayne "Tay Sha" Earles