2.  Chase KahWinHut Earles :  My oldest son's extensive site encompassing his award winning pottery, Caddo history & culture,  and other art & info.

3.  Chad Nish Earles  My younger son's Nishology clothing line site which also features his other art & design work.  Chad is a Caddo artist with a Graphic Design degree and professional experience.

1.  Irishindians :  My wife's genealogy site on her Irish & my Caddo ancestry that includes my Aunt Doris Tonemah's life work of Caddo tribe genealogy.

4.  Redcorn Pottery :  Jeri Redcorn's site of her pottery portfolio, awards, achievements and biography.  She singlehandedly revived the tradition of Caddo Pottery.

5.  Yonavea's Caddo artist site displays her award winning beadwork, moccasins, belts, bracelets and hatbands.

6.  Caddo Legacy :  Phil Cross maintains site on Caddo archery, pottery, housing,  clothing, songs and dances

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